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About The Green Organizer

A hand organizing 3 pieces of clothe inside a box or organizer

The Green Organizer is a professional organizing company that believes in creating an organized world while staying mindful of our environmental impact without excluding traditional organizers. TGO is a trilingual company as the owner speaks English, Portuguese and Italian. Based in Arnhem, TGO is ready to travel to all corners of the Netherlands and close borders.

The Green Organizer welcomes everyone with open arms, with a judgment-free environment where clients can feel comfortable, empowered, and heard. Also, my services are inclusive and open to everyone. I understand that organizing isn't just for women; it's for anyone who seeks peace and order in their lives. Whether you're a single father, a busy professional, or anyone else in need of assistance, I'm more than happy to help you achieve your organizing goals.


Let's work together to create a space that brings you joy.

Contact me today to start your organizing journey with The Green Organizer.

About me


Hi! I'm Manuela, Your Professional Organizer in the Netherlands

Born in Brazil in 1994 and with a rich background in Italy, I'm passionate about bringing order and joy to people's lives. From a young age, organization has come naturally to me, and being able to channel this skill into my work as a Professional Organizer it's beyond any dream.


With a bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences I had the opportunity of serving an internship at a non-profit organization, where I helped foreign children with learning difficulties from challenging backgrounds succeed in their studies. And I feel like my studies in education and my work as a Professional Organizer share a connection because both revolve around the satisfaction of helping others.

Being a Professional Organizer allows me to combine what I love with the opportunity to guide others towards peace and happiness in their lives, homes, and workplaces.

If you feel like you need this, contact me today to start your organizing journey with me!

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